How I Cleaned Up My Facebook Timeline In 20 Minutes

I first realized my Facebook timeline was in dire need of cleaning out when I opened it and saw seven posts in a row from Business Insider, followed by two from Mashable and two from TechCrunch. Sandwiched in between these were two promoted posts of dubious relevance to me. One was one of the eleven billion … [Read more…]

SocialAutopsy Wants To Stop Cyberbullying by Making It Much Worse

Sometimes when approaching problems you come up with a solution where the medicine is worse than the sickness. Cyberbullying is particularly prone to this; a serious issue is regularly derailed by terrible legislation and suggestions that we abolish anonymity on the Internet altogether (I suppose people aren’t harassed online by people they know in real life!). At … [Read more…]

Dan Lyons and Straw Startup Culture

Working at a startup is a lot like being on drugs: On your good trips you dance through clouds in euphoric ecstasy, while on your bad trips you claw at your eyes and shriek incoherently. There have been countless recollections and stories revealing the side of startup life that exists when you peel back the layer of glitter … [Read more…]

Top Ten Games of 2015

This was an incredible year for one of my favorite pastimes: Video games. 2014 was described by YouTuber Superbunnyhop as “the year games got stupid” in reference to a slew of games bursting with spectacle and a sense of fun about them. If that’s true, 2015 is the year that games got epic. Epic has lately been used synonymous … [Read more…]

A Lesser Known Reason For Adblocking

There’s a lot of passionate conversation about Adblocking as its use becomes more mainstream and far more prolific than even a few years ago. This has ranged from reasonable, nuanced discussion to blatant and increasingly tiresome hyperbole about how Adblock is literally stealing. The discussion of why adblocking does not equate to theft is an issue that’s been raised by … [Read more…]

What Was the Deal with the ‘Millennial Pledge?’

So let’s talk about this article. If you’re lucky enough to have missed this, a Baby Boomer-generation columnist for the LA Times recently wrote an article about a pledge Millennials need to take in order to become proper adults. If you’re familiar with attitudes by some Baby Boomers toward Millennials, you’re probably getting a sinking … [Read more…]

Should Google Be Worried About Facebook’s Foray Into Mobile?

The rivalry between Facebook and Google has been heating up as Facebook recently launched M, a virtual assistant and Facebook’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana (you get one James Bond joke). Facebook pulled no punches with the announcement; VP of messaging products David Marcus stated that M can perform tasks that none of … [Read more…]