In Doubt About Client Competition? Just Ask Them

Should you work for competing businesses? If your immediate answer is “Legally, I’m technically not doing anything wrong” you should probably consider how you’re using technicalities to avoid the ethical minefield you’re dancing across, not to mention the risk to your reputation as a trustworthy professional. You won’t find any legalese to address this question because there … [Read more…]

YouTube’s Chilling Effect On Its Own Talent

When I first watched Mad Max: Fury Road one particular line stood out at me, and I don’t think it was by accident: “Everyone in the old world had a show.” We live in a brand new era of user created content and YouTube has been one of the flagship websites to enable it. With a … [Read more…]

The Best and Worst Customer Service I Received In 2016

I’ve written pretty extensively about customer service on this blog when it comes to both horror stories and redemption. In the middle of the end of year hot takes and listicles it seems like as good a time as any to pause and reflect on some of the standouts I’ve gotten on customer service this year, … [Read more…]

Oh, Look at That! Forbes Confirms the ‘Pokémon GO’ Craze Didn’t Really Help Local Businesses

Well, well, well. Remember that article I wrote back in July about how Pokémon Go wasn’t going to be magic fairy dust that makes billions of dollars for local businesses? Forbes now has an article from Alex Konrad affirming this. There’s no denying that Pokémon Go has been an overwhelming success, even as the typical user dropoff has commenced. … [Read more…]

Post-Hype Train Pokémon Go Analysis

I’ve been average almost one Pokémon Go article per month at this point, but now that the craze has died down it’s time and it’s time for a post-hype analysis of what’s nonetheless been a fascinating phenomenon to watch. I could take the easy route and indulge in some schadenfreude about how Pokémon Go turned out to not be … [Read more…]

Scam Artists: How Local Domain Squatters Con Clients

“It is the responsibility of businesses to market and conduct themselves themselves in a legal and ethical manner.” -My marketing professor and mentor I generally don’t bother to discuss scammers, con artists, and thieves. They’re not worth my time and if I made a habit of discussing every scammer I’ve either tangled with or had to rescue somebody … [Read more…]

The Misguided War on Comments Sections

Unpopular opinion: Comment sections are not evil. Yes, people can be idiots in comments sections and they can be subject to spam about how you can make a hundred billion dollars a month working from home with Google. They can also be fountains of interesting discussion and even wisdom if you’re looking in the right places. … [Read more…]