Oh, Look at That! Forbes Confirms the ‘Pokémon GO’ Craze Didn’t Really Help Local Businesses

Well, well, well. Remember that article I wrote back in July about how Pokémon Go wasn’t going to be magic fairy dust that makes billions of dollars for local businesses? Forbes now has an article from Alex Konrad affirming this. There’s no denying that Pokémon Go has been an overwhelming success, even as the typical user dropoff has commenced. … [Read more…]

Post-Hype Train Pokémon Go Analysis

I’ve been average almost one Pokémon Go article per month at this point, but now that the craze has died down it’s time and it’s time for a post-hype analysis of what’s nonetheless been a fascinating phenomenon to watch. I could take the easy route and indulge in some schadenfreude about how Pokémon Go turned out to not be … [Read more…]

Scam Artists: How Local Domain Squatters Con Clients

“It is the responsibility of businesses to market and conduct themselves themselves in a legal and ethical manner.” -My marketing professor and mentor I generally don’t bother to discuss scammers, con artists, and thieves. They’re not worth my time and if I made a habit of discussing every scammer I’ve either tangled with or had to rescue somebody … [Read more…]

The Misguided War on Comments Sections

Unpopular opinion: Comment sections are not evil. Yes, people can be idiots in comments sections and they can be subject to spam about how you can make a hundred billion dollars a month working from home with Google. They can also be fountains of interesting discussion and even wisdom if you’re looking in the right places. … [Read more…]

Could Facebook Be Going After Steam?

You don’t like to get bored, do you, Facebook? A relatively short time after it decided to go after YouTube as the online video king, Facebook has decided to take on entering another battleground: Video game digital distribution. TechCrunch broke the news that Facebook is building its own Steam-style desktop gaming platform with Unity. While there’s been … [Read more…]

Five Steps to Writing the Perfect Pokémon Go Clickbait

(Author’s note: I should clarify since I predominantly write serious content and don’t write much in the way of comedy, this is meant to be a sarcastic article taking a jab at the flood of Pokémon Go articles that have flooded the Internet courtesy of talentless media companies and consultants desperately trying to ride the wave, the only … [Read more…]

So Your Business Wants to Use Pokémon Go? Hold Your Horses

Pokémon Go has became the biggest mobile game in US history – eclipsing freaking Candy Crush with more than 20 million users. The in-game microtransactions are estimated to be generating a mindblowing $1.6 million per day, so I think we can officially declare this has evolved beyond a fad. Alas, if you’re a small business, I have to rain … [Read more…]