2014 Website New Years Pledges You Can Fulfill This Week

We’re coming up on a brand new year, full of networking events, business opportunities, and pledges. Everyone I know is pledging to accomplish things related to business. Big ambitions and breaking sales goals are great, but there are plenty of small business related New Years’ pledges you can accomplish practically overnight. Consider these website pledges as stepping stones to your big goals, because your website is going to be an essential part of them regardless of your industry.


In the new year, you can pledge to…


Provide a clear, concise description on the homepage of what I do and how it benefits potential customers.


Provide an E-mail lead capture form with a reason for people to opt-in to my E-mail list.


Not waste a user’s time with Flash video introductions.


Not annoy users with background music (providing an option to turn it off does not count).


Integrate my blog with my website (not import an RSS feed!).


Blog weekly at minimum to keep my content fresh.


Provide lots of my own rich content to give readers a reason to read my blog.


Create a content calendar to keep to an active blogging schedule.


Offer a mobile-compatible website for users on smartphones and tablets.


Integrate Google Analytics, and check it daily.


Learn the basics of coding so I can work effectively with my developer.


Treat my website as an essential, indispensable part of my business, because it’s the first impression people get of me online.


How many of these do you think you can knock out today? This week? Can you get all of them done in a month? How many have you already fulfilled? Sound off in the comments!