4 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Site Gets No Conversions

You’ve invested substantial time and money into a great looking, well stocked E-commerce store. The traffic is rolling, but your PayPal account is still gathering dust. You’re funneling lots of leads to your website from your inbound marketing channels, but nobody’s buying. What gives?


A functioning and well designed E-commerce store aren’t the only steps you need to take to ensure leads get converted into customers. If you’re doing any of these items below, you could be turning eager prospective buyers away by

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the hundreds or thousands. Imagine all that revenue lost over a simple fix involving ease of use; with that in mind, let’s take a look at four very common mistakes that kneecap an otherwise splendidly designed E-commerce site.


1. Mandatory Registration


The average Internet user is suffering from account burnout between mail accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts, eBay, PayPal, forums, media sites, video games and too many others to list. People instinctively groan at the sight of having to remember another login and password, especially if credit card information is associated with it and especially if it’s for a relatively minor purchase. Short of purchases being substantial or involving a lot of security, provide express check out or at least let people log in through social media profiles.


2. PayPal-Only Payment Option


This one is more about what people hear rather than what you say. PayPal provides users the option to pay directly from credit cards on orders but you run a serious risk of people not understanding that. They’ll see the PayPal icon, not see credit card, assume PayPal is the only option, not want to get a separate PayPal account for a single purchase, and leave. Even if they realize they can pay with a credit card through PayPal, it’s an extra step that makes the user jump through hoops.


If you’re thinking “Well, creating a PayPal account isn’t that hard!” you’re missing the point. E-commerce, like so many other aspects of B2C, is about consumer choice. If your target audience doesn’t have PayPal, give people the option to pay with something else. Or even better, do a survey and ask people if they would want to be able to checkout through specific methods like Google Wallet or Amazon.


3. Forced Survey Responses


I sympathize with wanting to get lots of helpful data on where your customers are coming from and how they heard about your online store, but when you try to make it mandatory you risk prioritizing that information over actually making money from sales. What good is customer data when none of your customers are buying?


Analytics should be your primary source of traffic source data; use surveys to supplement your information-gathering and instead of forcing it on people, reward them. Let them take 5% off their order if they fill out a survey or be entered to win an iPad Mini. You’ll reward the people who are more inclined to fill out the survey and not annoy people who don’t want to be bothered.


4. Manual Information for Both Billing Info and Shipping Info


These points have, for the most point, boiled down to the ease and convenience of your shopping cart. The more information a user has to input, the more likely they are to drop off, especially if you have the type of product that competitors also carry. Some users will actually have separate billing and shipping addresses, but add an option for users to specify that they’re the same. Almost all E-commerce platforms provide it, and it’s generally easy to do.


If it helps, try to think from a consumer’s perspective when you design your E-commerce store. When shopping, consumers aren’t completely against having to fill out informational fields or tell you how they found your store, but the question is and will always be this: What’s in it for the consumer? Design your store for

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them, not for you; they’re the ones who are going to be shopping, and your conversion rate is going to reflect that.