Stop Saying That Code Is The New Literacy

Buzzwords and buzz phrases annoy me. They take up space, accomplish nothing, and are generally parroted without realizing how vapid they are. Today we’re going to be going after one of my most hated buzz phrases.   The idea that ‘Code is the new literacy’ is one of those phrases that makes less sense in … [Read more…]

5 Defenses Of Unpaid Internships (That Are BS)

Summer is around the corner and students everywhere are partaking in unpaid internships of dubious ethics. There have been a lot of discussions on the legality of unpaid internships in the wake of recent lawsuits, but I want to talk about the justifications of unpaid internships. If businesses want to continue hiring people to work … [Read more…]

Why I Tossed Out My Resume

If you’re looking to hire me for either a full-time or project-based position, you should be aware of something: Don’t ask me for a resume. I’m done with it. I’ve prepared Slideshare presentations and website pages for full-time opportunities and client pitches, but my resume has been gathering dust. If you’re reading this as a job seeker … [Read more…]

‘Buy Local’ Only If You Want To

I love local stores and mom and pop businesses. They were some of my very first clients and I was lucky enough, growing up, to live in an area that’s full of them. I love their charm, their personality, and the fact that I can get unique products that I would never get at big … [Read more…]

Should the Already Successful Use Kickstarter?

Crowdfunding has given birth to a creative golden age of products that might otherwise have not seen the light of day or otherwise reached their full potential. Whether it’s one of my new favorite video games of all time, truly creative product ideas or The Oatmeal’s artwork brought to life by blowing up kittens, crowdfunding … [Read more…]

What New Coke and Xbox One Have in Common

Disclaimer: Before this turns into a console war, I don’t own an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. My PC and Wii U take up enough free time as is, and there aren’t really any games for me to justify a PS4 or Xbox One right now. If that makes me biased, you can take off now. It’s been a year … [Read more…]