How to Stop Sponsored Content E-mail Spam

If you’ve got even a tiny website that gets an incremental amount of traffic, odds are that you’ve gotten some strange, suspicious looking E-mails from “content marketing companies” offering to post “sponsored content” on your blog. You’ve likely gotten these E-mails even if you don’t have a blog. These companies are far from discerning or … [Read more…]

The Complicated Part About “Getting To The Top Of Google”

I almost decided not to publish this article. I’ve been mulling over one like this for a while, but it needs to be said. Especially after a meeting with a prospective client who was increasingly crestfallen when I told him the price range of an search engine optimization campaign for his highly competitive regionally-driven keywords (SEO … [Read more…]

Facebook’s Fabricated Video Marketing Craze

Here’s a fun experiment. Google “year of video marketing” and see how many results you get from different years. I pulled up results from 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. All on the first page. It seems that a lot of companies have been determined to push video marketing big ways over this past decade. Except the idea that … [Read more…]

An Online Ordering Food Delivery Company CEO Responded To My Criticism

I recently published a lengthy article on my increasing dissatisfaction with the behavior of online food delivery companies. I’ve been an increasingly regular critic of what I see as duplicitous, protectionist and downright shady methods of acquiring and retaining clients. Most recently we have DoorDash under fire for essentially stealing tips from delivery workers and … [Read more…]

WordPress in 2019: Why We Love the Most Popular Platform

It’s been rather tumultuous time for WordPress. The preeminent CMS system’s long-awaited 5.0 Gutenberg release, which shipped with a new drag and drop style editor, was met with a mixed reaction at best and notably shipped in an inexcusably buggy state. Gutenberg has largely been fixed as a result of several updates but the debates … [Read more…]