My Winning Streak Is Finally Broken: The Perennial Risk of Crowdfunding

All things considered I’ve had an astonishing track record with the crowdfunding projects I’ve backed. Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the first project I ever backed, distributed release codes on the exact date that Harebrained Schemes promised in their pitch. This is particularly noteworthy because video game crowdfunding projects not being subject to at least some delays is almost … [Read more…]

The E-Commerce Gold Rush Is Over: Why Brick and Mortar Is Back

I’ve long maintained that no, Amazon is not killing brick-and-mortar stores or offline commerce. Neither is the Internet at large. The Internet is just another byproduct of what business has been dealing with since the dawn of time: Disruption. Granted, the Internet is a particularly massive disruption, but it merely shifts rather than kills. Business models, … [Read more…]

Remembering The Price Of ‘Free’ Apps

This may feel like preaching to the choir to you if you’re reading this and you’re savvy about how “free” smartphone apps work. Yet for the majority of people the cost of “free” apps is usually a distant thought in the back of their minds. They might even consider it an acceptable tradeoff, but people … [Read more…]