The Myth of the Small Business ‘Pivot to Video’

If you read almost any mid-to-large size publication, you’ve likely heard the term “Pivot to video” before. This has become the go-to mantra for publishers, and it’s easy to see why. As ad platforms become less lucrative, social media accounts tweak their algorithms to reduce brand reach and competition blossoms everywhere, it’s an easy way … [Read more…]

My Winning Streak Is Finally Broken: The Perennial Risk of Crowdfunding

All things considered I’ve had an astonishing track record with the crowdfunding projects I’ve backed. Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the first project I ever backed, distributed release codes on the exact date that Harebrained Schemes promised in their pitch. This is particularly noteworthy because video game crowdfunding projects not being subject to at least some delays is almost … [Read more…]