Case Study: Using Twitter for Business

Twitter has to be one of the most neglected social networks I’ve seen as a marketer. Not in terms of the number of people using it, but how business pages are using it.


As often as businesses get Twitter, there are plenty that miss the point. The point being that Twitter is conversation driven in a way that Facebook and LinkedIn pages aren’t. You can reach out to anyone, at any time, and just start conversing with

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people. Be they leads, potential partners, or Lady Gaga, Twitter is as public as a social network can get, and it lends itself to a fantastic networking atmosphere. With this in mind, why on Earth are you syndicating your Facebook updates to Twitter and ignoring a wealth of potential clients, partners, sponsors or just fans?


I was lucky enough to catch two area businesses, Bar Sugo and 109 Cheese Shop, partaking in the following interaction that highlights perfectly the instantaneous nature of business development through Twitter:


109 cheese


One potential business opportunity for 109 Cheese Shop, and that cumulative conversation took about 30 seconds. Even better is that Bar Sugo followed 109 in the first place! Not only that, but I was able to jump in shortly thereafter and ask if I could blog about this, to which both businesses agreed.


So before you write Twitter off as just Facebook’s status updates without the rest of Facebook, think of how quickly you can develop new leads on Twitter. I myself have found four clients through Twitter, two of whom approached me without my ever interacting with them. Disable that linked social network option and join the party, because Twitter best represents how to excel at social media: Listen and communicate.