Is Facebook Giving More Reach To Video Content?

I’ve discussed Facebook’s algorithm changes that reduce the organic reach associated with brand page Facebook posts. As everyone continues developing workarounds and adapting to the new situation, one type of Facebook post seems to be getting better organic reach than ever: Video posts.

2014 is being called the year of video, and Facebook has been preparing to launch video advertisements. Instagram recently introduced video content as well. It would seem like a logical evolution for Facebook’s algorithm to give higher preference to video content, but the proof, as always, is in the analytics.

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I used video content with Brand Page A with reasonable success throughout 2013, but this year we’ve seen a dramatic jump in any videos we’ve posted, even when they’ve had less engagement than photo posts.

The effect is even more prominent on smaller pages. Brand Page B is a newer page whose posts are generally reaching 30-40 users per post, but look what happens during the video post in between two photos:

I could keep going but this is the trend every time I’ve posted a video, even when it gets less engagement. There’s always a sharp spike of organic reach no matter what time I post it during the day.

There are two conclusions to be drawn from this. The first one is for established, existing pages: Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace video content. If you’re still reeling from the effects of the algorithm change, get out cameras and start recording footage. Bring a video editor onboard. Record an employee’s baby wandering around the office. Be creative.

Secondly, newer Facebook pages are going to need video content to get a leg up with reaching smaller audiences. As I already discussed, Facebook made it harder to reach people in the last update, so video may be the next step you need if you’re stumped and stuck at 42 fans, most of whom consist of friends and family.